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Domestic Relations

Custody, Shared Parenting and Visitation

It is a myth that Ohio courts only favor women in custody cases. It isa fact that Ohio courts favor shared parenting where appropriate. Whichever parent had been the primary care provider for thechild/children prior to divorce will be favored in a contested custodycase. If both parents were relatively equal care providers for theirchildren, the courts will encourage them to both remain active andparticipatory as equal parents after the divorce. If a parent has notbeen particularly active in providing care for the child/children duringthe marriage, the courts will nevertheless permit a parent to assume agreater degree of responsibility after the divorce if that parent iswilling to do so. The courts favor the concept of shared parenting. There are standard parenting time guidelines proposed by most countycourts. A copy of the Cuyahoga County standard parenting timeguidelines can be viewed. Standard parenting guidelines can be modifiedon a case-by-case basis to accommodate the needs of the children andthe abilities of the parents.

Child Support

Child support is based on the respective earning abilities of theparents. There is a court sanctioned computer program used to assist incalculating child support guidelines. Family income, parenting time,health insurance availability and day care needs are factors used todetermine the appropriate level of child support.

Property Settlement

As a general rule, the Domestic Relations Courts favor equaldistribution of marital assets and liabilities.. There is an exceptionto this rule where Husband or Wife engages in financial misconduct. Assets not subject to equal division in divorce court includeinheritances, provable gifts and traceable proceeds from a personalinjury settlement.